Artspoints Membership Drive

As an active participant in the Canadian Arts industry for over 25 years, I’ve come to recognize the nationwide interconnectedness of our arts programs, venues, and initiatives. Artspoints has also recognized this cross-Canada connection and has developed a rewards program that helps to strengthen that bond. With headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. Artspoints Rewards is a national loyalty program that allows Members to collect points and redeem them with the company’s Arts Partners for arts performances and products. The Burlington Performing Arts Centre jumped at the opportunity to become an Arts Partner, and once the program officially launches this fall, Artspoints Members will be able to redeem their points with us.

In an effort to build up membership, Artspoints started a Membership Drive for its Arts Partners, offering them $1 for each member they sign up by September 30th, 2012. In our case, each person that signs up and enters the promotional code BCPA, $1 will be donated from Artspoints to The Burlington Performing Arts Centre. Becoming a member is free and we’re working towards getting as many $1 donations as possible. Being a not-for-profit organization, every dollar counts!

So not only does this promotion assist The Centre in raising funds, it also provides you, as a member, opportunities to get free arts products and tickets to performances all across Canada – including here, in your own backyard, at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

I’ve signed up for my Artspoints card, have you?
To join Artspoints, click:

Brenda Heatherington
Executive Director



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