Guest Blog by Marketing Intern, Rachel Racz: Introducing Me

Hello, hello. Ladies and gentlemen my name is Rachel Shannon Racz. Simply put, I am a lifelong enthusiast of all things creative.

For the last month I have been the Marketing Intern here at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre. I hail from Sheridan College’s Corporate Communications program; a program that specializes in honing the talents of enthusiastic creative writers like me, and tailors them to the workplace.

As my time at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre is nearing its end, I am pleased to announce that in addition to not being given the hypothetical boot, I have been granted the exciting privilege of writing as a guest blogger for The Centre!

A little bit more about myself, growing up in the small town of Fenwick, Ontario, many tend to think I have led a sheltered life.

Au contraire.

Since I was no bigger than a minute, I have been inspired and enthralled by the art of expression. You don’t start putting sentences together and talking at eight months old if you don’t have the gift of articulate thought and the constant need to express it. Put a pen in my hand (as many are oft to do)  and you’ve got a walking, talking pintsized fireball that is ready and willing to take on the world, one sentence, project, or endeavor at a time.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be provided with another outlet to express myself.

This is not the first time that I’ve created a blog post, nor will it be my last. On the contrary, I have been an avid creative writer since my early childhood days when I possessed the two distinct dreams of being an actor and a writer.

Years later my love for both professions has remained the same. I absolutely love the theatre; the spotlight and the unparalleled thrill of stepping onto the stage, all the while experiencing the heart stopping anticipation that one feels as the curtain goes up and a show is about to begin.

Still, the older I grew, the more I realized that while acting is something I was capable of, the stage is better left to more dedicated professionals than I. Today, I am perfectly content applauding performers on stage, while from my seat I mange to do what I do best—


When it comes to writing I have never failed to appreciate the amazing feeling that comes from the ability to pen thoughts and decoratively express them on paper.

Like a performing artist, when writing I strive to deliver some sort of lasting sentiment, always attempting to elicit a feeling, effect, or reaction from my audiences. As someone who possesses a lifelong flair for the dramatic and creative arts, it makes reasonable sense that both my hobbies and strengths would come full circle; writing for a performing arts centre!

In my short time here, I’ve accomplished many things, all of which are unforgettably positive: from my very first week, attending a performance by Natalie MacMaster, saying goodbye to a wonderful Executive Director, to writing, designing copy, editing, and everything else in between. I’ve even kindled a burgeoning relationship with social media thanks to Stefanie Martin, Marketing Assistant.

Above all, I take with me exactly what The Burlington Performing Arts Centre strives to deliver: experiences that inspire.

I will undoubtedly miss the energy of the environment here at The Centre and will never cease appreciate every opportunity it has given me.

While I hate to leave, I take with me the memories of a positive and exciting work environment, a fantastically dedicated staff and the drive, motivation and hope that through my own job search, I am able to land a job that is equally inspiring.

Sincerely yours & Cheerio!

Rachel S. Racz


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